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Casper is an utility pack that helps you backup and protect your system
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Casper is a utility pack that helps you backup and protect your system. The main purpose of the program is to perform a complete backup of your hard drive, which includes the operating system, settings, applications and all your data.

It constitutes somewhat of a disadvantage that the program does not offer too many options. This aspect is, however, outweighed by its focus on speedily performing its designated tasks. It also proves advantageous that this utility can perform a complete backup of your system without requiring any system restart, and can also be set to automatically perform a system backup at a scheduled date - weekly, monthly or whenever you want.

This small utility is able to create a fully bootable copy of your operating system, which you can afterward run from external devices.

In conclusion, Casper proves to be a good choice as a "backup and restore" utility, being able to perform a fast and safe system backup, with all its contents, applications, programs or settings.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Very simple user interface
  • High speed


  • Few features available
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